Mack Increases Fuel Savings with Super Econodyne Direct

LOUISVILLE, KY (March 23, 2017) – Mack Trucks today introduced Super Econodyne® Direct, a new fuel-saving option that combines Mack’s Super Econodyne concept with a direct drive version of the Mack® mDRIVE™ automated manual transmission (AMT) to boost fuel efficiency by up to 1 percent. Mack made the announcement at the 2017 Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Kentucky.

“Our Super Econodyne rating was previously only available with the overdrive version of the mDRIVE, but the recent release of numerically lower rear axle ratios allows us to use the direct drive variant,” said Scott Barraclough, Mack technology product manager. “The result is up to 1 percent better fuel efficiency on top of the 3 percent Super Econodyne already delivered on its own.”

Despite a numerically higher top gear ratio, the direct drive mDRIVE is inherently more fuel efficient thanks to reduced parasitic losses. This is due to the fact that torque is not transmitted to the direct drive mDRIVE’s countershaft while in top gear. Instead, the transmission’s input and output shafts are essentially locked together.

Super Econodyne Direct is best suited for applications of 80,000 lbs. GCW or less where drivers remain in top gear for a large percentage of time. It also works best on mostly flat terrain and when drivers remain mostly in constant speed.

Mack’s Super Econodyne rating fully integrates Mack MP® engines and the Mack mDRIVE to deliver significant fuel savings. The integrated powertrain enables lower engine cruise RPM to save fuel, without impacting power or performance. Super Econodyne-rated Mack engines cruise at approximately 1,150 rpm, a reduction of 200-300 rpm from a typical highway cruise rpm, which results in up to 3 percent improved fuel efficiency.

Super Econodyne ratings are available with both the 11-liter Mack MP7 and 13-liter Mack MP8 engines.

For more information about Super Econodyne Direct, please visit Mack booth No. 34075 at the 2017 Mid-America Trucking Show or your local Mack dealer.

SOURCE: Mack Trucks